Portdevon is a rapidly expanding company and our land buying department is actively searching for sites throughout London and the Home Counties.


We are a privately owned, innovative property development company with substantial resources available, Portdevon will consider purchasing land, both with or without planning permission.


Portdevon have experience in developing sites which have a history of contentious planning issues. We are able to make quick decisions on buying land and recognise Agents introductions and we have successfully acquired sites which have previously been overlooked by other developers.


With an ability and willingness to work with partners on any type or size of development, Portdevon have been able to undertake a number of projects alongside both investors and landowners, providing a significant return to both parties whilst also delivering on what they promise.


We work closely with landowners and partners when involved in projects and keep them fully informed at every stage of the development process. By using a straightforward approach, Portdevon can enable their partners to clearly see the potential returns. It is a process that means terms are agreed transparently from the outset to ensure that the partners are comfortable working with Portdevon and their management team.


• Specialising in the acquisition and development of brownfield sites.


• Whilst our core areas of operation are London, and the home counties, we often look at properties further afield, depending upon the nature of the deal.


• What sets Portdevon apart from many other developers is our independence. This means we are able to structure deals to suit individual vendors, that large or publicly quoted companies cannot. You will be dealing with a Director and our flat structure and financial resourses enable quick and  reliable decisions to be made.